Monday, July 18, 2005

Today's lyrics...

Found a fun artist, David Poe. Unfortunately, the rest of his songs aren't as awesome as this one:

You took me like a drifter takes a friend
I’ll never be that honest again...
and when it seems like nothing’s gonna’ change
Then your world comes crashing down

Your friends accomodate your darker phase...
Then you find it’s been a hundred days
When’s the last time you remember feeling safe?
You’re surrounded by assassins in this place...
but you wanted to be here and I’m amazed

If I appear in every story that you tell
How can you say that I don’t know you well?
Wasn’t I the one that caught you when you fell
How can you say that I don’t treat you well?
When I’m ringing out your name like a bell
How can you say that I don’t wish you well?
I wish you well

You get that lonely feeling at the door
Even though you’ve left this place before
Because the truth is you won’t care anymore
‘Not until your world comes crashing down again

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