Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ah, an explanation for the electric car question...

This article in Salon:

...explains the difference between a regular hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and an all-electric. I guess, not having paid too much attention to hybrids (I'd love one, but when you're on a used-car-only budget, you don't get that option), I had assumed they already -were- plug-ins. Which was why the previous article confused me so much.

The one argument I have with the article - the writer says that a 40-mile-per-day capacity really isn't needed; most people drive less than that. Do I really commute that much farther than the average person? My drive is somewhere between 17 - 20 miles one way. So I easily do more than 40 miles a day, especially once you add a grocery store trip, or picking a kid up from school or a friend's house, or any of the other million errands that seem to come up every week...

Saturday, January 19, 2008


I don't FEEL 40. :)

That is all. :)

PS - Thank you to all who sent me cards and well-wishes!

And for the California gang, since I know you'll get this if I post it here - a) really, I will email soon. I just can't get to personal email from work again (they block all the good sites, darnit) and, as you can see from the ungodly hour of this post, it's hard for me to find time that a kid isn't using the computer. :) And B) I am, honestly, not avoiding a certain member of my family. I just suck at writing letters. Shame he doesn't have email. :) I will get one out soon. Just... you remember what it's like to have kids this age, right? Someone's ALWAYS going somewhere. I am Mom Taxi Extraordinaire.

And speaking of which, better go sleep now -- have to be at the school at 7 Freaking 45 AM tomorrow for speech tourney...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Nothing like wiping the past from existence...

I am reading this article:

It is talking about "bringing the first plug-in, all-electric cars to market."


GM already DID that. More than 10 years ago, with the EV1.

I know. I worked on the dang thing!

(Yes, I was only a secretary, before anyone gets excited. But I do know several of the patent-holders on it. Typed for many of them.)

Now, I know there was a lot of bullhockey surrounding taking the EV1 off the market. (Anyone besides me watch Who Killed the Electric Car? I had to see it... I actually knew a couple people who were in it, albeit briefly.)

But I didn't know that both GM and the media were now pretending it never existed...