Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Catching up on posting

I should get back to updating more regularly soon. I have big news of yet another change in my life, but am waiting to post that until I have everything formal and definite, which should be in the next day or so - watch this space! But I'm almost done with GBIP, the kids are almost done with school and getting ready to go cross-country to their dad's place for a while, I worked through some major depression over the last few weeks and am feeling much renewed. and other than that not much is going on.

And I think I saw little guys in red suits with pointy tails and horns ice skating today: I actually think the Bush immigration policy is an intelligent compromise between the "deport all the aliens and lock the place down" conservatives and the "give away the farm without worrying who's paying taxes to fund it" liberals. Wonder who actually wrote the policy, as I can't believe it actually came from him? (Me? Cynical? Not at all! :)) And while the idea of troops on our border makes me nervous, 1) if they're primarily building the infrastructure, that's a more comfortable idea, and 2) are they also there so that if something like a bird flu pandemic actually does happen, movement can be more easily controlled? Hrm...

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