Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My morning song

I bought a John Denver cassette for 50 cents at Half Price this weekend. (Ok, ok, so I'm a nerd; you all knew that already, yes?) But it had a song I'd never heard on it, that I listened to on the way in to work this morning:

by John Denver

Silently the morning mist is lying on the water,
captive moonlight waiting for the dawn.
Softly like a baby's breath, a breeze begins to whisper.
The sun is coming; quick, you must be gone.

Smiling like a superstar the morning comes in singing,
the promise of another sunny day.
And all the flowers open up to gather in the sunshine,
I do believe that summer's here to stay.

And do you care what's happening around you,
do your senses know the changes when they come?
Can you see yourself reflecting in the seasons,
can you understand the need to carry on?

Riding on the tapestry of all there is to see,
so many ways and oh, so many things.
Rejoicing in the differences, there's no one just like me.
Yet as different as we are, we're still the same.

And oh, I love the life within me,
I feel a part of everything I see.
And oh, I love the life around me,
a part of everything is here in me.
A part of everything is here in me,
a part of everything is here in me.

Just impossible to not have a good day when it starts with something that appropriate and profound...

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