Friday, June 08, 2007

Wait... what???

From Fox News: California Woman Fakes Abduction to Get Out of Date

As if it isn't mind-boggling enough that she dragged 60 police officers away from real work to hunt her not-really-abducted butt DOWN... the last line of the article is what got me:

White, who spent two nights in jail after her arrest Monday night, said she feels bad about lying to the police. Her engagement is still on, and she plans to get married in April.

Um. Married to the guy who she met in the chat room, who she got 'abducted' to avoid? Or married to someone else? In which case, via national news, he now knows she was a) going to go out on him, and b) thought that lying like a psychotic madwoman was the appropriate way to deal with this. And yet he's still marrying this chick?????

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Robin Edgar said...

Well at least she feels bad about lying to the police. That is more than can be said about Montreal U*Us. . .