Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Okay, someone 'splain this to me...

A town in Germany is trying to reduce accidents by removing all traffic signals, lights, etc:
Say what?

How does this reduce accidents?

I'm not saying I know anything at all about this... just, it defies common sense.

(not that I have so much of that, now that I think about it...) :)

edited to add the Wikipedia link that explains the theory - not that it helps me understand it much...

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Eric Fischer said...

I don't think the idea is quite as foreign as you make it out to be -- this is more or less how traffic already works in parking lots, where in general there are no signs, people walk randomly out into the traffic lanes, and you never are quite sure what any other vehicles are going to do so you go slowly and give everyone a lot of room. I don't think it's the answer for every street, but I can see it working for some.