Friday, November 02, 2007

Yay my daughter!

Who is doing quite well in her first time on stage. Not the world's greatest show, but sure better than the junior high productions I remember being student director for! And seriously, my daughter's doing great, and that's not just me being a fond mom, that's me being an ex-theater-geek. :)

(And PS, thanks to my Cali. family for the flowers! Since I know you found out about the show by reading this, I assume you'll get the thank-you if I post it here as well... :) She was really touched!)

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Anjala said...

Hey! This is Anjala. Could you please e-mail me at anjalabd @ gmail . com (remove the spaces). Katt Thrasher and I have a favor/request of you about rituals and such.


And please give my Congrats to Catri for the great job! I bet she rocked!