Monday, March 03, 2008

I have permanent employment!

No more consulting - I'm now... well, the job title is "business analyst", but I'll be doing a LOT of stuff... for DKI Services Inc. I'm VERY excited about this opportunity. My new boss is also a good friend of mine, the company is solid and I like their attitude, and I'm going to be BUSY... creating CBTs, technical documentation, marketing documentation, doing a bit of tech support, and perhaps even doing some product management and marketing. No more 'what do I do when this project ends' moments. Benefits. And a real challenge in a position that is being tailored to my specific skill set. The only drawback is that it is a tiny bit of a pay cut from my consulting positions, or at least most of them... but that should be made up for by the fact that I won't be docked for time off, since I'll be salaried. (Amazing, when you're a consultant, how an hour here and there of 'picking the kids up' adds up to a hole in your paycheck. And we won't even talk about what holiday weeks are like, especially the two-day holidays...)

So this is a great career opportunity for me and I'm really, really excited!

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