Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I has a generation!

I'm not Gen X. I'm not a baby boomer.

I'm Generation Jones.

Makes sense to me.

* Note: Yes, the technical 'end date' for Jones is '65. But a) some demographic studies argue '67 or '68 and I think that's more accurate. b) Most of my classmates were born 65-67, and I contend that you get raised based on what grade you're in, not what age you are, when you're a 'different' age than most of your classmates. c) I can tell you that even when we were in high school, we knew that starting about two grades after me, people were -different-. Significantly different attitudes, actions, paradigms. Had we thought more deeply about it, we would indeed have said that they were far more cynical than we were. Therefore, my experience was that Generation X started, at least where I grew up, with people who graduated high school in about '87. I would argue that Generation Jones consists of those who graduated high school between about '74 through '85 or '86.

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Ysabel said...

What's amusing about that is that the guy who coined the term "Generation X" was talking about the cuspers between the Boomers (born between '41 and '61) and 13th Gen (born between '61 and '81). Which is to say, he was talking about folks born between about '59 and '64.

I'm given to understand he's on record as being quite annoyed that his term was appropriated to refer to the 13ers. (I'm a solid 13er myself.)