Friday, March 18, 2005


Great Big Sea is way up at the top of the list of my favorite bands, and I'm singing this song today. S'all I'm saying. :)

Shines Right Through Me

These days I feel a change, all the patterns rearranged
Though I can't explain, I know I’m not afraid
Now I realize all good things can be supplied
And they come from you

It's all brand new, and it shines right through
Shines Right Through Me
I look at you, and it shines right through
Shines Right Through Me

This feeling that I've found, like sleeping on a cloud
Smiling at the sky, not even knowing why
Strange how things work out, I know without a doubt
That it comes from you

Break me out of emptiness, lead me to your light
Anything worth having is worth some sacrifice
Laid too long in loneliness, this world was made to change
Half an hour of sunshine is worth a week of rain

Air is flowing free, it's a little easier to breathe
This soul unbound, was lost and found
No reason left to hide, I feel a light inside and it comes from you


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