Thursday, February 16, 2006

Happy Belated V-Day

Or should that be Happy Lupercalia?

(And let me tell you, any article that includes the words "sex lotto" and "pagan lust monkey" gets MY attention. :) )

Sorry, but I just don't get excited about valentine's day. Then again, that might be because right now my casual dating is so casual that one of 'em I haven't seen in a month and the other is officially no longer "dating" me (again!), though we're still best friends. Have one possible date from a personals ad (if we can find a time to try this -- my daughter is better but now my SON has strep throat! Who cast a pox on my house? -- it will be my first time to date someone from a personals ad! I don't know if this is a moment for pride or shame. :) ) Guy definitely seems like he'd be interesting to talk with, some common philosophical ideas and book interests, though I can't tell if there's much likelihood of a spark there -- but I figure if it's someone who I have some common interests with, at the very least I can make a friend, even if there turns out to be no chemistry.

(And boy, wouldn't it be nice to be able to figure out that chemistry thing? Why is it that some people can be perfectly intellectually compatible but have no "zing?" What makes the "zing," anyway? Is it just pheromones?)

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Debbie G. said...

Best... Valentines... Article... Ever!

Thanks for that link. I've crossposted to my LJ to share the love. :-)