Monday, February 13, 2006

Two and a half hours in the I-65 parking lot last night...

Because of a fatal crash involving two semi trucks, the kids and I sat, parked (literally - I have a stick and after a bit you just put the parking brake on and relax) on I-65 last night from 8:50 PM to 11:20 PM. At which point I finally had the courage to cross the median and go back to the nearest exit.

Gives a whole new meaning to "trapped by your own fears," doesn't it? What a pithy illustration for the universe to give me!

Speaking of fears, the workshop Saturday went fabulously! We met (or re-met, as I knew one of them already, and -- in the small world department -- my co-leader discovered he graduated from high school with another participant!) three fascinating people, and have a great start to not only the business venture but the community we hope to build. Whee!

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