Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Exhausted but still alive...

Go-live (turning off the old systems and activating SAP in our manufacturing plant) was last Monday, and between that, a marketing class I'm taking, and the fact that I've got a seminar scheduled next Sunday (which I need registrations for - anyone interested?), Corwin had strep --AGAIN-- a couple weeks ago, the kids had a very boring spring break mostly alone and very little Mom time for Easter, the endless thunderstorms, and the fact that my house hasn't been cleaned in all this time and BOY it shows... I've been a little overwhelmed. :)

Also, now that we're past go-live, I'm looking at my post-SAP-implementation career, and there's just not much open even internally at Lilly right now. So I'm looking externally as well, if anyone knows of anyone who needs a tech writer or business analyst.

(In the ideal world, I'd be able to quit and do the seminar business full-time, but that won't come close to paying the bills yet. It will eventually, but not yet. And while if it were just me, I'd eat ramen noodles and deal, when I'm supporting two kids that's not precisely an option. In the next-closest-to-ideal-world, I'd find something part-time that covers the absolutes and gave me a bit more time to work on my own business. That one... who knows? Maybe that's why doors seem to be closing a bit right now - to encourage me to look for windows?)

Oh, and I'm selling a "get rid of your postal junk mail" system. No charge to sell it, not very expensive to buy, and the company is donating some of their profits to an environmental group -- seemed too cool and too good an idea not to help market. Besides, I'm remembering that I -like- marketing. Maybe I should jump ship to sales?

P.S. I welcome comments on my redesign of the Achievement Engineering website...

P.P.S. And in case anyone's wondering, I've shut down all my dating profiles for an undetermined amount of time. I am too busy, my children need too much of me, I -want- to put more into the business, I'd like to get back to having time to do stuff with the band, and I need to get past my own personal limiting belief that "the only thing that -counts- in making you happy is a functional romantic relationship" -- not that I EVER would have said that, or thought that, consciously, but when I use the techniques I'm teaching on myself, voila! there's the belief, in bold and Technicolor (tm). So no longer looking for random people seemed a good idea. (What about the two who've been around semi-regularly for a while? Well, neither seems interested in dating me right now so I don't have to worry about it. Cross that bridge if the drawbridge ever closes, huh? :) )

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Brian D. said...

Oh goody you're not dead. I was getting worried considering the lack of posts.

You mean the pill factory doesn't have SOMETHING for you to do? Given how much IT is in that joint I thought you would be busy even after the new stuff is up and running.

As for dating, eh don't worry about it. When you're not in the mood or simply not ready it becomes more of a pain to actually try to date someone. Good riddence to that problem.

BTW: email me please for I have a question for ya. First initial, last name @ yahoo if you lost my address. Looks like I lost numerous addresses when my hard drive was whacked.