Tuesday, February 08, 2005

And lest you think I'm always this serious...

I'll share the song I sang to the kids this morning while getting ready for school/work.

(Context: I'd commented that I had to do a last-minute load of laundry so I would have pants to wear today. "You know, pants? Useful things. I like pants." And apparently fibromyalgia pain sometimes makes me weird, because the next thing out of my mouth was...)

(to the tune of Tom T. Hall's "I Like Beer")

I like pants!
They cover my butt so I'm legal!
I like pants,
Without them I fear you'd point and giggle
(you'd point and giggle...)

Now skirts are too cold,
and shorts are right out,
and tights are just for when you dance,
What I'm trying to say,
in my unusual way (!)
--As a matter of fact, I like pants!

(Yes, I know "legal" and "giggle" don't QUITE rhyme. What else was I going to use to rhyme with it? Eagle? Beagle? Go ahead, figure out a way to make those work in context with "pants".)

(And still be safe to sing to children. Perverts. :) )

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Anjala said...

I love the song. Very cute and very "Kid-appropriate". I was wondering if you have had a chance to read my LJ (my actual Live Journal, not my Blog here). I really need some advice and I don't think Duke is understanding what I am feeling.