Monday, February 21, 2005

Degrees of Coolness...

  1. Cool: when tonight's episode of one's favorite show was filled with revelations and answers to questions (that of course generated yet more questions - this is Carnivale, after all...)
  2. Cooler: when one logs on to the chat room for said show and the show's creator stops in to chat too!
  3. Coolest: when said creator chooses to expound on the philosophy and mythology behind the show, and leaves you with a big ol' hint that still gives away nothing...

Wow. Just wow!

Also amusing, but totally unrelated:

  1. When something goes boom (in this case, the basket that gets used to hold incoming mail decided to leap from the wall) even two rooms away, the guinea pigs freak out.
  2. When the guinea pigs freak out, they want to hide.
  3. When one of them has tipped over one of their hidey-houses in their cage, they both end up in the same one, even when it barely has room for one of them, much less both.

After giggling at four little eyes staring out at me, I un-tipped the Pigloo and one dashed for it almost immediately. Somehow this amused me. But maybe it's because I stayed up too late in the chat room. Good thing I'm off tomorrow (since the kids are off for president's day...)

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