Monday, August 15, 2005

I gots Wheels!

Due to complicated circumstances which I won't bore you with here, I've been car-sharing with the almost-ex. But now I gots my own wheels! Nothing fancy, a very basic 1990 Civic sedan, but it's in fabulous shape, only 131000 miles which on a Honda still means it's got a decent amount of life in it yet, and it's a stick! And it was nice to know I could get right back in to the swing of driving one after... geez, 10 years since I've driven one regularly?

Meanwhile, my son starts middle school this week. How did I get this old? :)

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Brian D. said...

A 15 year old car with ONLY 131,000 miles on it. You're at least 50K to 75K under mileage for a vehicle that old. Did a little ol' lady drive it to church and back ;-)

Sticks are cool. Now put a bottle of NOX in there to surprise the Fast & The Furious crowd when you drag down the street.