Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A fast update from a frantic woman

(Anyone who was going to finish that statement "a fast woman" must know something about me I don't. :) Or maybe you need to get to know m... anyway. :) )

1) Did I pack this weekend? No, no, NO, no.
2) Did I spend the weekend throwing up, down, and sleeping? Yes, yes, YES, yes.
3) Did I have to take my daughter to the medcheck tonight for what turned out to be lingering effects of the same virus 10 days after she first showed symptoms? Yes, yes, YES, yes.
4) Am I so far behind in packing it's not funny now? Yes, yes, YES, yes.

EEEK. Just... eeek. And did I mention EEK?

The 15th comes way too soon.

OH. And I lose DSL at the new place! WAH! Serves me right for moving without checking the distance from a telco central office, huh? So I'll be stuck with cable modem 'cause it's the ONLY, repeat ONLY high-speed internet available at that address, period. And only from ONE cable company. Anti-trust laws indeed!

I do, however, have some good news:
1) I can see the kids becoming more comfortably independent each day. The boy, when faced with both mom and sister basically in bed all weekend, did beautifully with feeding himself, running to the corner store and getting Mom gatorade, and in general was pretty impressively mature. The girl, in the times when she's seemed well before re-symptomizing (is that a word? It is now!), has tied her hair back in a bandana and frankly done better than Mom at tackling huge piles of chaos to get things packed (we do have SOME done. Just not NEARLY enough.) It's like my daughter disappears and some Goddess of Domesticity is in her place. The girl also got nominated for some cool young scholars thing that I am darned if I know how I'd find the money to send her to, but I'd sure like to. And the boy stayed up to finish math homework, the thing that he was about to flunk out for not doing, because there's a new "incentive program" at school for it and because he's decided it's time to look like he has the brain he does. Darned proud of both of them, really.

2) Meanwhile, after panicking for months over the impending responsibility, Mom's calmly dealing with dinner, homework, packing, dishes, laundry, etc. We've discovered a late-night grocery run is still possible if I'm quick; doesn't hurt them to be home alone at night for 40 minutes when I'm on cell and less than 10 minutes away at any time. Also discovered that just the three of us is astonishingly cheap to cook for, and that, if I accept that I'm no gourmet and never will be, I can still keep us (and the guinea pigs!) nutritionally reaonsonably balanced. Do I miss some aspects of my social life? More than I care to admit. But I'll figure out how to balance the rest of it later. I'm just happy that this part is much less painful than I feared.

3) Have ads in and fliers going up for the next seminar. I'm proud of the fliers (note, these are LOW resolution versions; don't think I don't know better than to mot use better resolution for printing!):
Now, if this time we can get participants!

4) I have after-school childcare for really a quite ridiculously cheap price, that the bus will take them to and from, that lets them stay in their current schools for the rest of the year, and that gives them some fun structured activities, field trips, covers snow days, half-days, 2-hour delays... the works. This was my greatest unresolved dilemna and will actually let me work longer than 8 hours if I have to (project go-live ahead, you know). I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am.

So despite the fact that I'm convinced movers will show and won't be able to find anything to move because none of it will be packed and all of it will be under the CHAOS that is my filthy house, things are actually going well.

And now, to fall over go BOOM, 'cause I'm exhausted!

(Wait, didn't I say this would be a fast update? Guess fast doesn't mean short, huh? Well, I've been remiss in posting recently, so I owed the blog a couple minutes. And it would have been really a couple minutes if some stupid auto update wasn't trying to occur in the background of this computer, thus giving me typing lag. Don't you hate typing lag?)

...Guess what? I'm so tired I'm punchy and babbling. Tell me to go ni-ni now. "Ni-ni now!"

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