Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Quick update

1) Thanks to several friends who Saved My Bacon, the move is largely complete! I still have some random junk to get from the house, but we're sleeping at the new place and almost all our furniture is there, so that should count as done. Huge relief.

2) Catri's hip is better but not healed yet so I have to take her in to get an X-ray tonight just to make sure nothing else is going on.

3) The name change process has started! (Sorry, Brian... inconveniencing your address book is not sufficient reason for me :)) Now to see how badly it screws up my work systems...

4) We have a message about someone interested in our class. Crossing fingers, 'cause it's a really cool workshop and I want to generate enough interest to get to run it this time.

5) I become older tomorrow. :)

6) I'm BURIED with work at work. Just when I don't need it. Whee.

7) What does one wear to a formal ball, does anyone know? I assume floor length is de rigueur, yes? My only floor length is probably too cold to wear this time of year. Hrm.


Brian D. said...

Our Barrister's Ball had plenty of gowns that were NOT floor length and plenty that were. Just treat it as an important wedding (not your's obviously) would be my opinion.

Or find a Seveenteen magazine and she what is being advertised for the prom season.

Tina said...

Belatedly, happy birthday.

And, yay, moved in.

Give Catri a hug for me.