Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Boy, you can tell my project deadlines from my lack of posts

So. Here it is Wednesday morning, and I'm finally ready to turn in a document that was due by EOB (that's "end of business" for you acronymically challenged [Acronymically? Is that a word? It is now!]) Monday. Waiting on my boss to review it before it goes off into the document pile that is our global security office.

Have some fun numbers!
1) 43 - the number of pages it has turned out to be. So far; I also have a set of Word docs to go with the Powerpoint doc. But those are just copy/pastes from the Powerpoint, so I'm waiting a bit to do those. Why? Because of the next number...
2) 7 - the number of hours I have slept in the last 72. Yes, really. Even legal stimulants don't help at this point!
3) 11 - the number of those hours that I've spent at the ball park during that time. Even in the midst of non-sleeping deadlines, I'm still a mom.

Why am I blogging? Because I'm waiting for my boss to give me the ok to email the document, and I sure don't have the coherency to do real work right now!

Oh, wait, I forgot to add one piece of data...

(gee, maybe the person who called me a perfectionist last year might have a point after all...)

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Tina said...


BTW, when I ordered a batch of Cafe du Monde coffee, I got a can of decaf with you in mind. Sounds like I should have just brought you caffeinated, though. :D