Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Centrist, with Libertarian Tendencies

From a quiz at http://www.quiz2d.com/: Posted by Hello


Your views call for a bit more liberty than we currently have in the United States today.
Vote in some Libertarians into the legislatures that affect you and you will get your desires fulfilled. Note that the Libertarian Party calls for a far greater amount of freedom than you appear to desire, so you currently don't want them to have a clear majority.
But think of a tub of cold bathwater. To get it warm enough to be comfortable, you add hot water, not ideal temperature water. The Libertarian Party is made of hot-blooded lovers of liberty, ideally suited for counterracting the power-mongers who dwell in our legislative bodies.
But once you have warmed up the bath, you may find it pleasant to go hotter still. Freedom is addictive once you have experienced it.

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