Friday, November 04, 2005

Shameless plug for

We are the featured submitted event today, woohoo! This should be helpful, especially if a lot of people are like me and hit the site on Friday to find out what's going on over the weekend.

And I'll be happy to give the site a shameless plug because I do indeed use it regularly; that's how I knew to post the workshop there. I found it pretty much by accident (ok, via Google search) about six months ago and have used it regularly for both "how do I entertain the kids this weekend?" and "I need a different date venue tonight." :) It really is a great service: it's MUCH easier to find things on than, say, the IndyStar calendar. (I can almost never find the calendar at all on their website. Poor navigation design, for sure!) And while Nuvo and Intake have great calendars for things like live music, they rarely have child-friendly events posted. This site has helped me find haunted houses, outdoor festivals, and reminded me of things that are free or cheap child entertainment, like the Civil War museum , because I can never think of places like that when the kids are in their "Do something with me please please please?" nagging stage. :)

So if you're bored and looking for something to do, visit :)

(More posting later about why I'm teaching the classes, vocation, and the like. But now I must do my paying job, really...)

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