Tuesday, November 29, 2005

So maybe I should pay more attention to Louise Hay and the like...

"Research is showing the power of expectations, that they have physical -- not just psychological -- effects on your health."

So perhaps I should be a bit less skeptical of folks like Louise Hay?

Not that I didn't agree that our thoughts affect reality, just that I'm very... cautious... about it. (See my comments in this blog post for commentary on one reason why I'm cautious.)

I know, I know, my partner is reading this and snickering "I-told-you-so" now. :) That's why we make such good business partners, though: when my skepticism borders on pessimism, his optimism keeps it from becoming negative thinking, and when he's so hopeful that he might be about to commit too many resources, I can suggest pitfalls to avoid so that the optimistic outcome can happen.

In other news, as if we needed more difficulties on the home front, first my car died (I believe it's the starter, though one can hope it's only a battery)... THEN last night someone smashed in the passenger side window on the car that's WORKING, to steal a portable CD player worth maybe $20 and some CDs I burned off the computer. Sigh. I hope they enjoy it; my kids already are getting virtually nothing for Christmas this year because moving expenses are so high, and that's not going to help matters any. I will not stress I will not stress I will believe that the money will show up when it has to...

Does it help if I keep saying that to myself? I sure hope so.

And for that matter, had I mentioned here that it looks like not only will the ex be moving, but the kids and I will also be going to an apartment? If I hadn't, well, now you know. :) Not sure the timing on this (although after the vandalism, my thought is "tomorrow would not be too soon") but sometime within the next few months.

However, we did start formal testing on the SAP implementation at work yesterday, and I made it through the first day of testing without any security defects! This almost makes me worry. :)

Ok, maybe I am a pessimist. Except I don't feel like I am. Even when I worry, I do genuinely trust that all will be well. I think maybe I just always expect the happy ending to show up by the skin of its teeth after much turmoil, when you least expect it. Perhaps I've been inspired by the Muse of Plot too often to believe that happy endings can come without some sort of conflict resolution first?

Then again, that IS how we learn...

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