Saturday, January 22, 2005

Boy, if THIS printer jams you're in trouble...

I remember reading theory about this a couple years ago. It appears it's closer to reality:

I find developments like this utterly fascinating, and the ultimate proof that the future is now (to sound like a bad TV commercial). See life imitate science fiction! If only this was a publically held company so one could invest. :)
Meanwhile, if you feel bleary Monday, here's the mathematical reason why:

(I think they're nuts. Everyone knows the worst month of the year is February, not January. I even wrote a sermon on that last year - I'll have to post it soon.)

Finally, here's my stock pick for the day:

(Disclaimer - I am NOT a financial professional. I'm not even a financial amateur. I'm someone who got in the habit of doing some research for a guy who plays the market, and discovered that even when things didn't work quite the way I'd hoped there, it turns out I really like doing the research. So I think I'll post my findings here. I take NO responsibility for money losses, as remember, I don't know what the &@#! I'm doing when it comes to finances. Percentages of monitary gains, however, can be sent my way if you're feeling generous... :) :) :) )

They just got a pretty small contract with the DOE for "smart window" development. No, they're not making money yet. Yes, they're decidedly a Big Ol' Risk. But they're pretty much at a 12-month low right now, and note that while this was a small contract, it's for concept development. Note also what the DOE says about the concept in general: "if daylight can be efficiently captured and directed into the building, it may be possible to reduce lighting loads by about 25%, saving one quadrillion Btu's annually in commercial buildings." That's (a) great environmentalism, and (b) great capitalism - one of my favorite combinations. :) (See why I have problems with both the liberals AND the conservatives? I like to go green, but I also like the green technology to be able to make money/provide good investment fodder. I'm an equal opportunity offender! :)

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