Saturday, January 15, 2005

Quiz time!

How Sexy Are You? -

Sufficiently Sexy
You tend to engage men more with your personality and confidence than with your looks. Not that you don't care about your appearance. You do. But your style is more casual and classy than dressed-to-impress. Men feel comfortable around you, probably because they can tell how comfortable you are with yourself. You draw them in without overwhelming them. That's great, but don't be afraid to act alluring sometimes, too -- not in a trashy way but, rather, by doing your best Sharon Stone impersonation (and we don't mean her character in Basic Instinct). As long as you know when to draw the line and let men see and appreciate your other (nonphysical) qualities, it can be fun to play up your sexuality.

The Identity Test -

The test you've just taken is a short version of the Five Factor model of identity. Among psychology experts, this approach has become broadly accepted for its accuracy and consistency. The five dimensions in this model give a complete description of your personality traits: Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Negative Emotionality. Read below to see your scores and understand what they mean.

Openness To Experience
Your high score in the Openness category means that you probably have a strong creative streak. Your broad intellectual curiosity and your interest in the various arts set you apart. Some people may consider you somewhat of a dreamer, and your taste for variety often means moving quickly on to the next experience. This tendency makes you appear a bit flighty and inconsistent. But these elements of your personality simply reflect a character full of new ideas and charged with emotions.

Your medium score in the Conscientiousness category means that you have achieved a solid balance in your outlook towards responsibility. You are probably somewhat organized, with a little room for improvement. Your priorities probably reflect a mix of work and play. Thoughtfulness characterizes your thinking style, so you give gravity to important decisions without making a big deal out of minor issues. You are probably serious about achieving success, but do not feel completely driven by this motivation. All in all, you've got a very healthy perspective on work and duty.

Your medium score in the Extraversion category defines your social identity. You are probably comfortable in either a crowd or by yourself, and spending time alone or with company is equally enjoyable. When among others, you tend to stand in the foreground, although you may not always wish to take the position of a leader. Instead, you seem to prefer moving between the role of leader and follower, as the situation requires. You probably keep a moderately active social life; you're generally on the lookout for excitement, but certainly don't require it. You tend to keep a fairly positive emotional outlook, and people can usually count on your for some good cheer.

The Agreeableness category refers to your social disposition. Your high score indicates your tendency to forego your own desires for the sake of others - sometimes to a fault. You are probably known as a kind and modest person who is willing to overlook your own needs for the interest of the group. You believe in creating harmony among people, to the point where you can sometimes act a bit dependent. With your straightforward style of communication and your sentimental nature, this isn't hard for you. You tend to see the world by the light you cast - as honest and genuine.

Negative Emotionality
Negative Emotionality refers to your emotional reactivity. Your medium score means that you're someone who negotiates your emotions depending on your situation. Sometimes you may feel quite sensitive and emotional, while other times you may remain resilient to outside pressures. This quality of adaptation best describes your emotional character. You maintain a rational outlook, which is moderated by feelings. For example, you can sometimes feel sad, stressed, worried or embarrassed under the weight of a situation, but you are able to act quite calm and reserved, without yielding to the stress. Responsive, without being overly reactive, is the best way to describe you.


What Inspires You? -
Suzanne, you're inspired by Expressing Yourself

You've got something to say, and nothing feels better than letting the world hear it, whether that means you're into singing, writing, designing — or you're just the kind of woman who's not afraid to share her opinion on the issues that matter most to her. Why should you try to blend?You're a bold individual who definitely gets a kick out of standing out from the crowd. Sure, you might sometimes shock your friends with your loud-n-proud statements, but you know they are often impressed by your courage to show off who you really are. As for you, there's nothing better than the rush you get from being true to yourself and the causes you believe most deeply in.


(And I must ask, what does THIS mean? I mean, it's not that I'm totally disagreeing with the result, though I don't think "sassy" is a word I'd ever use about myself, but... Papaya Shake???)

What's Your Vibe? -
Suzanne, your vibe is Papaya Shake

It's never hard for a sassy gal like you to get your groove on, and your vibe always shakes things up. You tend to think the world is a pretty fun place. Even better, you always seem to make people around you feel the same way. Whether you're heading to work or out on the town, you've got a smile on your face and a gleam in your eye.Of course you take things seriously when you need to. But your unique ability to see the bright side of situations is a talent that helps you enjoy every day. You appreciate the little things in life — and that's why you're able to find joy wherever you go. Let the good times roll!

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