Sunday, January 30, 2005

More Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact...

I bought an issue of Popular Science at the CVS on Friday. I'd forgotten just how much fun stuff there is in this magazine. I think I may have to subscribe, even though a great deal of it is on the web.

For instance, I mentioned this briefly in a previous post, but found the full article -- did you know that in the not so distant future they'll probably be able to print new organs for you? (I actually saw a preliminary article on this in Wired about three years ago. A friend immediately wondered if this meant he could get a new liver after he drank his to death... :) )

Even more fascinating, and yet oddly disturbing, is this Los Alamos scientist who is trying to build a life form from scratch. And no, the irony of his being at Los Alamos is lost on no one...

On a much less macrocosmic level, there's an article about backing up your console games on PC and playing them via emulator. I don't know about the backups, but I want to find an old Intellivision emulator!

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