Sunday, January 09, 2005

Carnivale tomorrow!

It's weird, it's surreal, it's a bit gothic, it's very metaphysical, but it's worth keeping HBO for IMHO: Carnivale's new season starts tomorrow night. I'm just not even sure how to describe this one, as it's not like anything else I've ever seen. Best just to go to the website and look for yourself if you're curious. Or check the episode descriptions on my favorite TV-related site,

On a completely different note, this horrifies me on so many different levels:

  1. The gut-level "they're first graders and they're doing what???"
  2. "The boy and girl somehow slipped off unnoticed..." This just fills me with confidence on how well teachers are keeping an eye on things. Not only did they go fool around in a corner, someone lost them long enough for them to do it!
  3. I'm not at all sure that the punishment was appropriate. Did someone first check to see if they actually knew what they were doing? Is making that kind of big deal about it telling them that bodies are terrible? Are they going to be sexually scarred for life? I mean, a five day suspension is -huge-.
  4. They're talking about kicking them out of school for the rest of the year. Might I point out that if they are in an abuse situation you've just thrown them into the home situation that allowed this to happen, full-time??? I actually might call them on that one.

(And I shouldn't say this... I really, really shouldn't say this... but I'm going to, aren't I: I wonder what kind of willpower roll the journalist had to make to not create the headline "School 69 Sex Suspension" :) )

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