Friday, January 21, 2005

Testing this "Hello" application...

An artist's rendition of the author... Posted by Hello
Created via the Portrait Illustration Maker, which takes a bit to figure out how to use but is darned addictive once you do, IMHO. :)


Kelly said...

I didn't see an e-mail address on your site, so I'll try this. My friends and I are addicted to that site - there are several images of us I'd like to post. But they are in GIF format, which doesn't - or at least didn't - work with Hello. How did you conver to jpg? (My e-mail address can be found on my blog Thanks.

Suzanne said...

I did it in Microsoft Photo Editor, but I just checked and Microsoft Paint will do it too, at least on Windows XP. Just open the file, and then do a "save as" and save it as a .jpg file.

I do wonder why Hello only takes jpgs?